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Resources: How we Manage at MCS Express


The MCS Team consists of highly motivated, exprieneced personnel who are committed to providing a superior level of service. With our ongoing personnel training we stress the importance of processing the transaction quickly, efficiently and accurately. The company has developed a quality assurance program to measure our personnel performance and customer satisfaction.


MCS Express employees understand the company principles, which are as follows Standard of conduct: We conduct our business with honesty, integrity and respect for the interests of all stakeholders in a wide variety of social, political and economic environments.

Obeying the law:

MCS Express business must be good corporate citizens and this involves everyone in the organization complying with laws and regulations of our country as we conduct our operations.

Sustainable Development:

We are a responsible organization and work with policies that create sustainable development.

Human Resources:

We are committed to Investor in staff standard, which is a recognized training, and people management system that delivers proven performance improvement throughout our organization. Our aim is to create equal opportunities for all employees and we do not discriminate on grounds of sex, race, relgion, marital status or age.

Conflict Of Interests:

: We expect our employees to avoid personal, financial and other interests that could conflict with ability to carry out their jobs.


We believe in open and fair competition should exist in all markets where we conduct business.

Business Integrity:

We do not give or receive inducements in order to obtain or bestow business, services or financial advantages. MCS Express does not tolerate fraud and operates a firm prevention of fraud policy.